St. Bernadette's
Roman Catholic Church
Parish Priest: Fr. David Boyd

St. Bernadette's

A Parish of the Diocese of Paisley

Parish Finance

The Parish operates as a charity and is entirely dependent on the generosity of parishioners.

Regular offertory giving and other donations provide for the needs of the Parish. The day to day expenditure consists of the running costs of the Parish. Including: liturgical and pastoral expenditure as well as heating, lighting, cleaning, maintenance, insurance, house and office.

The Parish accounts are published regularly in the form of an Income and Expenditure Report and are available to download from the website.

To remain financially viable, the Parish relies heavily on the enormous energy and commitment of those parishioners who give so freely of their time in organising fund-raising events. The considerable success of these fund-raising efforts is, of course, due in no small part to participation of the whole Parish.

Similarly the Gift Aid scheme (see details) plays a crucial role in the financing of the Parish by substantially supplementing the generosity of parishioners. Thus, currently, for every one pound given under the Gift Aid Scheme, the Parish is able to reclaim no less than 25 pence from HMRC, at absolutely no cost or inconvenience to the donor.

If you are already a member of the Gift Aid Scheme, thank you. You know how simple and easy it is to help the Parish. If you are not yet a member of the Gift Aid Scheme, please consider joining.

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